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Pre-Anesthesia Instructions

Drinking and Eating

Do NOT have ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK for eight (8) hours before your scheduled dental procedure.  During anesthesia the muscles above the stomach can relax, releasing stomach contents into the lungs.  This can lead to serious complications including death.  You may have CLEAR liquids only, up to two (2) hours before your procedure.  Examples of clear liquids include water, apple juice, or Gatorade.  Patients consuming food, MILK, orange juice or other non-clear liquids within eight (8) hours will be rescheduled.


Loose clothing with short sleeves is desirable, as are two-piece outfits, to allow easy monitor placement.  Contact lenses must be removed before the appointment.  Do not wear fingernail polish the day of appointment.

 Change in Health

Please inform Dr. Heaton of any change in your health prior to your appointment.  The development of a cold or fever can increase the risks of anesthesia.  Sick patients will be rescheduled for safety reasons.


Please follow your regular schedule of medications unless otherwise directed by Dr. Heaton.  Medications may be taken with only a small sip of water.

 Accompanied by an Adult

A responsible adult must accompany all anesthesia patients to and from the appointment.   A responsible adult must drive the patient home.  (Buses or cabs are unacceptable)

 Questions or Concerns

Please expect a call from Dr. Heaton the night before the appointment to answer any questions or concerns. Please contact our office if you have any other questions or concerns:  (512) 909-3171